Sun Tunnels

The tops of sun tunnels shown on the roof of a flat roofed building.

Have Sun Tunnels Installed

At times, it can seem like there isn’t enough light in your home. However, something that you may not know is that there are solutions for this. There are products that can be installed in your home, which are able to bring additional light to pretty much any room in your home. At Smart Skylights, we are able to install skylights, roof windows, and other items that you might want to see placed in your home.

Consider talking to us about Sun Tunnels in Worcester, MA when you are looking for natural lighting options. This product is designed to add light in areas that are traditionally dark, like a laundry room or a hallway. Contact us at (774) 281-3272 for more details and to work with us.

How It Works

The principle behind Sun Tunnels is that they operate like tunnels to illuminate areas of your home where you need it the most, or areas where you didn’t think natural lighting was possible. The tunnel part is a long pipe which connects the upper part to the lower section. There are two types to choose from, flexible and rigid. The flexible variety is best suited for areas that may not offer a clear path from the roof to the ceiling, where the rigid type is best whenever there is nothing blocking this path. Both types come with a warranty and can be installed in a short amount of time. You can be enjoying your new sun tunnel in one day when you work with us. The installation process is simple. Our technicians will need to look at your attic to be sure that the conditions are favorable. Then we will need to make a hole on your roof and install the upper part of the tunnel. We will also make a hole in your ceiling that matches up with the space opened on your roof, so that the tunnel can be completed.

Talk to Us Right Away

When you want an innovative skylight in your home, you can always investigate Sun Tunnels in Worcester, MA. We are one of the top installers of this product in the area, so we have experience placing them perfectly. Reach out to us at (774) 281-3272 when you are ready to make a change. We can talk to you about how we can provide new skylights at your house, including products that can work well in each of the rooms in your home.